Good morning Joy

A little update on Miss Poppy.  Friday we went for her shots and she greeted everyone who came into the veterinary expecting to be praised, petted, cuddled...she was not disappointed.  Little Miss tips the scales at 7 pounds.  She eats well, plays hard to the point of looking for a cozy place to nap.  What a sweetheart she is.

On drives she needs to be in a crate beside me in the front seat or there is an awful wailing.  The wailing will continue unless I put my right hand on the mesh. 

Sending you separately a photo taken at Wascana Rehab yesterday when she was visiting the veterans.  Staff and residents look forward to seeing her.

Thank you again for our sweet little Poppy.

Joan, Regina

We purchased our beautiful little princess Nala in August 2013.  What a treat Nala is!  She is very well socialized and is quick to greet visitors with a wag of her tail and butterfly kisses.  Her capacity to love seems endless.  Nala learns so quickly.  Within a week she was house trained, going up and down stairs, and working well toward basic commands like “watch me” and “sit”.  Our veterinarian says that Nala is one of the most well adjusted puppies he’s ever come across and that she is very healthy.  As a breeder Joy stands out from the others, but as a dog lover and compassionate person, she is head and shoulders above.  Her patience with our family in coming to the decision to buy Nala was so extraordinary and appreciated.  We have no hesitation in recommending Joy’s puppies to any household. Thank you, Joy, for bringing the gift (Nala means “gift” in Swahili) of joy (pun intended) into our household. 

Darren & Rose
Medicine Hat

Almost a year ago a cougar took our beloved dog. Being a dog lover you would understand the loss. Our family decided the best thing to do was to get another dog to love.
We were so lucky to have found Thunderpaws. Joy, the breeder was so kind. She gave us all the info we wanted, let us know how things were going ,sent us pictures when our boy was born,and they were adorable.
When it was time , she delivered the puppy to us. We got a beautiful ,healthy, happy little guy! You could see how well this puppy was taken care of. His first vet appointment was so the vet could meet our new boy and he stated what a fine healthy well taken care of puppy he was.
Joy called periodically to see how things were going and was always willing to be helpful in any way she could. That was very much appreciated! She has always been there to answer any questions and or concerns.
We have had a wonderful experience with this breeder and highly recommend Thunderpaws to everyone!! As a matter of fact, we are presently waiting for the birth of another little boy to possibly join our family! Thanks again Joy and Thunderpaws.
Caroline B
St. Albert, Alberta

Hi Joy, 
I thought I would give you an update on Zacky.   The attached picture is of Zack after his first trip to the groomer for a puppy trim at 4 months.  I took him to the groomer the second time last weekend for a full groom.  I want to let you know that the groomer was amazed at how well behaved he was for his first full groom.  Your training sessions definitely played a big part!
He is a very easy going little guy and so affectionate!  He loves getting belly rubs and munching on carrots.
Thanks again for this little guy.
Edmonton, Alberta