My name is Joy.  I have owned dogs all my life.  The love of my life was a beautiful German Shepherd cross puppy I found on a farm north of Moose Jaw in 1994.  I still remember as if it was yesterday the sweetest little eyes staring back at me as I looked over all the puppies.

While all the other puppies ran around jumping and barking as puppies do he simply put his front paws on the wooden board keeping the puppies in the porch and just stared at me.  I continued looking for awhile and he never moved from his spot.  When I finally knew what he knew all along I picked up my new baby and we were off on an adventure of friendship and love that would last almost 15 years.  He was my best friend, confidante and protector all those years and never let me down once.

When he passed on I vowed I'd never get another dog again as the pain was just too much.  It was a long time before I realized that the pain would never really leave EVER.  In fact, as I ponder this 16 years later the tears still roll down my face.  No, there will never be another dog like Thunder.

But one day after wiping the tears away for the umpteenth time it occured to me that I was being selfish.  It's true I didn't want to go through the pain again of the heart wrenching loss but I knew i had given my boy 15 years of love and devotion too.  I could certainly give another dog 15 wonderful years on this earth.  But why stop at having a dog all to myself when I could bless other people with dogs that were just as amazing as my beloved Thunder.  After all, amazing dogs start as amazing puppies.  And so the first step on another journey began.  To create healthy, happy, well-socialized puppies who would bring years of enjoyment to other families.

But breeding Shepherds is a little more difficult when you live in the city, not impossible, just more of a challenge.  I did, however, start researching dog breeds that were family friendly, cute as pie and tons of fun!

When I met my first Bichon I was hooked.  Their playfulness, gentleness and sweet nature won me over.  A Bichon puppy from me will be treated as if I was keeping everyone of them myself.  That means I put in as much effort into socializing and training as if it was my pet.  That is my promise to you :D

And why did I decide to do that?  Always and only...........................................



My precious Thunder, a German Shepherd, Collie cross. 1994 - 2009