We started out with 5 Bichon Frise that we bought from a retired breeder about 15 years ago.  Our first girls were all CKC registered with Mr. Bo Jangles and Cuddles being our grandparents.  From those two came Molly and Polly.

From Molly we kept back Charlotte and Chrissy.  Molly was retired at the age of 6 and now travels extensively  from her home in Medicine Hat to Arizona to her winter home.  Her new mom takes wonderful care of her.  The plan was to keep her but a lady who was coming to look at puppies took one look at Molly and Molly took one look at her and there was an instant bond.

As of June 2023 all of the adults have gone onto their retirement homes except for our oldest girl Polly who will live with us forever.  She is 12 and has been retired since she was 6 years old.  She travels with us everywhere whenever we deliver puppies.  She is very active and energetic and loves to be outside sunning herself or curled up on the couch.  She still loves to play with all her great great grandpuppies.  Since all the adults have been rehomed we are keeping back 2 females from our current litter.  Watch for new babies to appear in 2024.

Delilah Joy before spa day.

Delilah Joy took all the toys out of the toy box and decided it was her new bed even though the dogs have their OWN couch with beds across it. Who can understand these sweet lil rascals.

Delilah Joy after her day at the spa.

Charlotte in the background and Colonel Mustard aka Ollie in the front. He's a wonderful, little guy with the sweetest personality.

Miss Charlotte with one of her pups from last year's litter.

Super fun Colonel Mustard aka Ollie. We brought him up from the states and he passes on not only great healthy genes but a super incredible happy temperament.


Molly says..........Mommy? Can you please get off your laptop and watch me. I was doing the Bichon Blitz really good and you didn't see it. To which I replied.........oh yes my little stinkums I not only seen you but I heard you too. Don't forget, we have hardwood floors. :D

Molly is such a happy girl. She especially loves her cuddle times.